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History of 18 East

I'm a retired police officer, and just got tired of golfing every day.  So, instead of being a Wal-Mart greeter, I found a restaurant in Sweetser, Indiana. (population 323) After about 10 really good years, I was absolutely sick of the winter!

A couple folks bought me out, so the search was on for a warmer spot to live!  39 states, 12,000 plus miles later I got all the way to Sebring, and called some golf buddies from Indiana that had translplanted to Sebring...  two weeks later, I owned a house in Sebring, too!  Crazy, huh?

After applying to several restaurants to do about anything they'd let me do, AND not getting a single response... I started looking for my own spot.  After looking for about nine months, I saw a building in Avon Park with "lots of potential!"  Seven months of tough renovations and hoop jumping, I was able to open Eighteen East... Restaurant and Bar!

So, I hired some really good hearted folks, and started what we now have.  We all try really hard to give you a great dining experience.  Most of the time we succeed, but if something's wrong, give us a chance to make it right before you yell at us!  We just want a good time too.


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